Brand Development.

We are a design and branding agency in Cape Town that is passionate about developing forward-thinking, authentic and exclusive brands.

Brand Explained

These three aspects all have different roles, and put together, form the image of your business, or product.


The holistic emotional corporate image perceived.


The visual aspects that form part of the holistic brand.


The use of an icon that identifies a business in its most simplest form.

We offer

Brand Development

Everything you do, and everything you produce should reflect your company values and vision. This is the fundamental idea and core concept behind your business as a whole.

The brand development package is a six step process and includes:

Overall brand

We work hand-in-hand with you to create a strong, well-defined brand strategy and goals for your future aspirations.

Developing your
brand positioning

We assist with defining your unique selling point, why clients should choose to work with you and how to best communicate that to your target audience.

Target audience

We do the necessary research to clearly define your target audience – understanding their perspective and priorities – to ensure that high growth and high profit is achieved with a narrow focus, fast growth module.

Developing your
brand voice

No consumer can relate to brands that sounds scripted, rather, we help to craft brand voice that fully embodies your company’s essence for customers to engage and experience your brand.

Corporate Identity

The visual devices for your brand include:
- 3 x logo options
- Tagline (if required)
- Stationery (letterhead, business cards, email signatures)
- Apparel Design
- Signage (Interior & exterior)
- Online asset archive


Your brand guideline is your style guide and “set of rules”. This document includes: Logo use and placement; colour palette; typography and fonts; iconography; photography, images and stationery. The brand guide ensures consistent application across all collateral.


Your corporate identity is based around the visual devices used within the company. The identity will be applied throughout a variety of mediums.

The visual devices for your brand include:




Apparel Design


Assets Packaging


Your logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

We apply four principles when designing a logo:





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