You are currently viewing Marketing Agencies in Cape Town. How good are they?

Marketing Agencies in Cape Town. How good are they?

Advertising is not a new concept, this we know. Political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Arabia. Advertising as we know it is generally agreed to have begun with newspapers in the seventeenth century. Simple descriptions along with prices of products then served their purpose until the late nineteenth century. But, let’s fast-forward. A lot. What has happened with marketing agencies in Cape Town over the years, and what does it take for agencies to keep ahead, and stay there.

Understanding the digital shift

Newsflash: A move to understand the digital shift in the marketplace is key for brands to survive. There has been an explosion in the way digital has begun to shape lifestyles and two-way communication has become a reality for brands.

Watch out: Marketing agencies in Cape Town and their clients are also known for scooping up top performing media mavens into their marketing departments, leaving voids in agency realms. Keep your staff close, and your clients closer! Another agency deficiency may be that these digital gurus may not fully understand branding, strategy and the broader communications mix for that matter. It’s a constant give-and-take scenario. As an agency, especially as one of the many marketing agencies in Cape Town, you have to be on top of your game when it comes down to the full marketing mix. Why? So you can always give your clients a fighting chance out in the wild.

The most influential factor

The most influential factor to future-proof any agency is getting the buy-in from your clients that your agency is a business partner, not just a provider. Another downfall is that an agency may understand the strategy, modern marketing tools as well as intensive research principles of targeting marketing; but not enough may be known about the internal dynamics, product offering and vision of the company it serves. Know your client and its products and services at the very core. DMN considers each client, big or small, a partner and invests fully in every vision and mission.

Client’s needs are ever-changing

Client’s needs change. This is no secret. They are inextricably linked to the changing face of advertising agencies. We understand the importance of co-creation. Everyone must be responsible for the creation of ideas and understand the need to diversify with changing times within an agency. There is no identifiable future model, but rather a realisation that rapid adaption is a factor of survival. Income generation in an advertising agency need not be derived in one particular way either, be diverse, be flexible and stay relevant. From the commercial messages found on bits of papyrus to the explosion of the digital universe, the future is sure to be intriguing!

DMN considers these our top factors for success when it comes to running a digital marketing agency in Cape Town, and beyond!

1. Great Staff

A marketing agency’s success is dependent on the skills and success of its staff. They should work well together, understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, and be able to rely on one another to fulfil those roles on a daily basis. To meet all of a client’s needs, your staff should be varied in their talents and abilities.

2. Good Communication

You cannot run a successful marketing campaign without good comms. Good communication within your team, and also communication with your clients. One important aspect of developing good communication is ensuring that you have a present and personal connection with your team and clients.

3. Creativity

Creativity is what ultimately will make your agency stand out. You need a team of people who think outside the box and push the boundaries. A fresh and original idea will likely win a client over more than any other marketing skill.

4. Ability to Execute

A great idea will bring a client in the door, but long-term success will never happen if you fail to execute those ideas. A successful marketing agency has tried-and-true processes in place that allow it to deliver on promises to clients – and to do so within the promised deadline.

6. Strong Online Presence

If you are going to show that you can market another business or product, you need to be able to market yourself. A successful marketing agency will have a strong online presence. You should consistently rank high on search engines and should make a big mark on social media. Any time that you are putting out material about your agency, it should be work that you would be proud to present to your clients.

9. Digital Fluency

A successful marketing agency will meet the various marketing needs of a client, ranging from print to television, to social media. Of course, all of these things have a digital connection, so digital fluency is a necessity. You should have a mastery of the latest technology while also anticipating and responding to technological changes as they approach.

10. Good Value and Transparent Billing

The bottom line in business almost always comes down to money, so an important trait of a successful marketing agency is value and transparent billing practices. Be upfront about your charges and make the billing process simple so that clients understand exactly what they are getting and for what price.

Our role, in a nutshell

The role of any good (or even great) marketing agency is to build cohesive and effective brands, bring companies closer to their customers and audience, and help drive sales through awareness. While many agencies promise to do this, your business can prove its worth and stand out in a vast field of competitors by possessing the traits outlined above.

After all, organizations have a lot of marketing agencies to choose from, especially in the Mother City. So, when it comes to finding a company to represent and build their brand, choose well. Choose a group of people who care about your brand, and your bottom line, equally.