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How to create a brand identity


When we say brand, you say logo. “Brand: Logo”!

While the terms brand and logo are often used interchangeably, the logo is in fact used as a symbol for a business or brand, but it is not the entirety of the brand. With millions of businesses trying to be seen, having a strong brand identity is key in differentiating yourself from your competitors. We love ourselves a great logo design – it really highlights your brand persona, but it is just one small step along the journey of developing a brand identity.

What is brand identity?

Creating a brand identity encapsulates what your brand says, what your values are, how you communicate your product or services, and how people feel when they interact with your brand. In short, it’s the personality of your business, and its promise to those who choose it.

A brand can be seen as a set of features that distinguish it apart from other brands. It usually consists of a name, tagline, logo, design (colours, fonts), brand voice, and more. Brand personality is a lot more than a sign above a door – it’s about crafting and honing your perfect personality that highlights your core strengths and all the elements of your brand DNA.

“Ultimately, your product leaves an impression on your customers long after you’ve made a sale. A strong brand identity is the process of shaping, and holding, that impression. This will build brand loyalty.”

Monique Liebisch – Creative Director, DMN Creative

Here are seven tips on how to create a brand identity:

Step 1: Develop Your Brand Purpose

Step 2: Know Your Competitors

Step 3: Determine Your Primary and Secondary Target Audiences

Step 4: Build Out Your Brand Strategy

Step 5: Develop A Compelling Brand Narrative

Step 6: Create a Brand Identity

Step 7: Live your Brand

Why is creating a brand PRESENCE so important?

It is the backbone of almost everything your business does, from inspiring customers to increasing their loyalty towards your company and its products and services. Basically, it’s essential for your business’s future and success.

We outline some key components of a well-developed brand identity below:

Credibility and trust – consistency over a length of time is what creates trust among your customers. This comes with authority, which stems from a solid brand idea.

Advertising impressions – whether print or online having a brand presence provides a template for everything you can include on an advert.

Generating new customers and adding value for existing ones – Once you convert leads to customers, your brand needs to make sure they continue to feel a sense of belonging. A good product generates clients, but a good brand creates advocates.

The ‘Face’ of your business – broadly, your logo is the ‘face’ of your business. This face should be more than just a pretty one though. It should tell your audience that ‘your logo’ means ‘the name of your business.

Your company mission – what you stand for. This in turn gives your company a purpose. Without a strong identity, you cannot create a mission statement.

So, there’s no getting around the fact that creating a strong brand identity is key to your business functioning at its absolute best, and keeping clients coming back for more.

Be visible, be relevant and be unique.