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How to become a brand ambassador. Or use one.

Brand Ambassador Basics

At grass root level, a brand ambassador is a person you can hire to help increase sales and brand awareness. But there’s really so much more to it for your brand. A brand ambassador’s job is to represent a particular brand through word-of-mouth marketing. More often than not, as with most marketing endeavours these days, they use social media platforms to create content that can increase sales and increase your customer base.

Before we dive into how to become a brand ambassador, let’s look at the different types:

· Influencers: They typically have medium or large engagement audiences and are useful for promoting brands at both online and offline events;

· Customer ambassadors who promote your brand organically in web 2.0 networks (such as social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn) or offline. Since ancient times, word of mouth has been the most effective form of advertising;

· Expert ambassadors: If you have a startup or a web3 business, you should place your bets on experts in your industry niche. People tend to respect these folks’ opinions.

· Affiliate ambassadors can promote your brand in exchange for a commission on sales that they are promoting or other types of compensation, such as coupons or discounts.

· Employees: Yes, your workforce is the first brand ambassador because they are on the front lines of developing, selling, or running your business. Consider it from the start of your remote hiring, as brand ambassadors are also used for employer branding.

Why do you need a brand ambassador?

We no longer trust traditional forms of advertising. When a TV advert appears on our screens, we change the channel; we use adblockers to hide online nuisance ads. But despite this, brands can’t abandon their marketing efforts: they need to sell their product to the public. That’s where brand ambassadors come in.

People are more convinced by recommendations made by someone they know than traditional advertising recommendations. Why? Because our purchasing decisions are based on trust – when a friend or relative says a product is worthwhile, we trust that it will be. While we can’t hire friends and family to promote products, we can hire the next best thing: a brand ambassador.

Through social media engagement and expert communications skills, a friendly brand ambassador can disarm our scepticism of advertising. It’s all about authenticity and trust. Our different marketing approaches can also be combined in fun and innovative ways. As your brand ambassadors work in the real world, you can post photos and videos of your customers – say, tasting your product – on social

media. Then, you can ask them to tag you in their social media posts, which is an ingenious way to increase engagement.

What makes an amazing brand ambassador?

An advocate of a brand is passionate, fiery, and charismatic. In order to succeed as a brand ambassador, you must be enthusiastic about meeting new people, sparking conversations, and engaging them in a fun, exciting discussion about the product or service. When looking at how to become a brand ambassador, it is more important to have social skills than to have a strong educational background to be a brand ambassador.

More important are the following skills:

1 Excellent communication skills. Brand advocates are primarily a speaking role. Though you’ll need to pick up the basics of a product or service to be able to talk about it, most of the job is listening to customers’ thoughts and concerns and responding appropriately.

2 Social skills. Sparking a conversation with strangers is an art. Get it wrong, and it comes off as awkward and clunky. But when done naturally, it’s effortless – guiding the passer-by into an interesting discussion about a product.

3 Social media expertise. Promoting interactions on social media is a large part of being a brand ambassador. You’ll want a brand ambassador who can maintain your brand’s voice and image online as well as offline. Can they promote the use of hashtags? And do they capture engaging moments with customers you can use in future social media campaigns?

4 Professionalism. Brand advocates are your brand in person. What they say and how they say it reflects your brand’s image. While brand ambassadors should entertain guests, they should always maintain a professional composure.

Do you want to be a brand ambassador?

If you think this is a path worth pursuing, and need to know more about how to become a brand ambassador, why not consider the following before you dive in:

  1. Discover compatible brands
  2. Build engagement
  3. Create a cohesive online personality
  4. Get your audience involved
  5. Build a following
  6. Contact relevant brands